02 July 2015


Nah, I didn't get robbed as literally haha I'm fine I'm fine. Even though, we need to be extra careful in Jakarta cause people are getting crazier during this month. Holiday season is a round the corner along with the crimes. Be careful girls and guys! Always mind your belongings :)

Something caught my attention lately. It totally robbed me. My mind is full of it. What is it? Umm.. It's a good thing, a perspective to change my life to be better, I promise haha. Like right now, it's 5 AM, it keeps me up all night. My nights full of research had me thinking. Maybe it also because of Ramadhan month! My mind got clearer ever like it never been before HAHAHA Alhamdulillah yaa Allah, thank you for giving me a way to see the right path. What I learned from my sleepless nights are:

1. You can't force a period to be a comma.

2. Forgiven is not enough. People who accept, wins.

3. Ikhlas. Let go. 

Once, one of my bestfriends told me. Ikhlas, there is no school to learn to be ikhlas. You have to earn it. From who? from yourself. Start forgiving yourself, accept for who you really are, and realize that you are way valuable than before.

I'd like to thank someone I used to know too. I took his words. He used to give me wise advices that I never took hahaha naughty Vine is naughty, but I do now, so thank you, you. I know you'll say "Told ya" from up there. I thank God for letting me know him and learn so much from him. Such a guru haha. I'm sending my prayers to him in Heaven, I hope you're OK there.

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17 June 2015

Dream by B.I.Y.A.N

Sooooo... I gave my other two invitations to my other friends from ESMOD yeaay, 4 ESMOD friends with me that night. I arrived at 6, and the show starts at 7, and it was empty. Yes, it is expected in Indonesia. Due to the traffic or those pretty girls keep changing their clothes and spending too much time on make up haha, girls. I got interviewed by some media and press during the wait time. The show finally started at 8, just give them applause for the sake of BIYAN. Entering the show, we were all greated by this white gigantic tree in the middle of runway which excite everybody, you can tell. Even before the show hasn't started yet, I know the collection is gonna rock the night. And yes it freaking was. Mind blowing. Well, I wish I could sit in the front row but second row wasn't that bad. I brought my camera with me but I'm not really happy with the result, I was dropping my jaw most of the time, sorry. But here's some..

10 June 2015

But why tho..

I don't understand why people feel so embarrased for who they are and what they do. From zillions of options in the world that exist, they have their choises. They pick, they decide, they do. Instead of focusing on what they do, how come they keep doing things they don't choose at the first place. I don't understand why people embarrased of how they feel. If you happy, express it. If you disappointed, share it. On top of that, I don't understand why people have to be denial of their feelings. Why you have to say no when yes is what you meant. Oh so lying for making things better is ok? How come though? How come a bad action would make such a positive response?

Once said to me, "That's what makes us human."

God is so genius that he made brain to program other brain. 

09 June 2015

First Giveaway! and the BEST

Hi! I picked up these beauties yesterday at BIYAN Studio Plaza Senayan. I always attend his shows every year. Don't ask, remarkable, as always. It's something you don't wanna miss. Okay sooo... I have 5 invitations, 3 for me, 2 for my mom. I gave two of mine to my ESMOD friends. And just now.. my mom told me, she needs to pick up my dad at the airport at the same time. I just can't stop laughing because she's the one who's been hip with this event. She'd kill for BIYAN, yaaaasss mom but sorry. So, I have two invitations left and you don't have to follow this or follow that like other bloggers' giveaway cus I'm generous as hell hahaha I don't know why they make giveaway so complicated... just give the damn prize away LOL [Don't kill me, I know that 'you have to follow this' thingy is when you collaborate with someone or brand, and this is from me, saravine, so hold your fire]. I simply uploaded this giveaway on my instagram and decided to let my followers to DM me as soon as they seen it. I will pick the first two. As simple as waving in the air, right? Hahaha. But now, you have to follow me on instagram to know this kind of annoucement I'll be giving you ahead #SeeVine #YouHaveToFollowSomethingAnyway

maybe you're confused, me too.
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