03 February 2016

14 December 2015

Subway Swing 2015

Finals week is around the corner. Homeworks pilled up high, but I got em all done this weekend. I am freaking out yet so calm too haha. I guess I always find my inner peace, and people say it's my forte. This weekend I had bunch of invitations of cool events:

          Friday: New York City Ballet: The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center
          Saturday: The 7th Annual Winter Ball at Academy Mansion
          Sunday: Jazz Age Tea Party at Webster Hall, Subway Swing at New York Museum of Transit

Yes I know it is a lot. I received all VIP passes for these events, but I didn't go because I have my priority straight, like my dad expects me to do, yes dad. But I went to The Nutcracker and Subway Swing! My aunty gave me tickets to the ballet, and I took my friend to go there as my gift too for his birthday hehe It was good and okay, even though I've seen better. I don't mean to brag but you know I'm brutally honest person hehe. My heart melted whenever I hear The Nutcracker Op. 71 No.14 Pas de deux; Sugar Plum Fairy & Cavalier. If you dance ballet, you must know this masterpiece. Dramatic, love it. Enjoyed it too much, I forgot to steal a picture. 

I was dying to go to the Ball & Tea Party, but deadlines were chasing me. I was literally crying. Swing is running in my system. I can dance all night long, just like the flapperettes. I did make it to Subway Swing. It was fun. I love every single thing about it. Dancing on the train while it was running was ah-mazing. I wish I had my partner around..

16 November 2015

Jakarta Fashion Week 2016: MELLIFLUOUS MARMOREAL

I finally received decent pictures of my collaboration with the magnifique Bramanta Wijaya. Last October, he had a collection to show in Jakarta Fashion Week. Me and my mom have been his loyal customer over the year. Knowing I have a handbag line, we saw the opportunity of doing a collab for several of his masterpieces. One step ahead, Vine. Yess. Soon, I will have my very own collection on the runway. InsyaAllah.. :) Unfortunately I wasn't there and I can't be there, 16,000 miles away and I have school that I cannot missed. Sad :(

So here they are.. MELLIFLUOUS MARMOREAL by Bramanta Wijaya x Saravine & Co.

Photocredit nl.fashionmag.com

13 November 2015

A Night on The Nile

Last night, I attended a beautiful event that held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art by College Group with my friends, Sydney, River, Nico, and Ashley. 

The College Group at the Met (CGM) is a group of local college students who plan events and programs for other students. The CGM's mission is to enhance Museum programming with regard to local college students, to connect campus communities with the Museum, and to increase student engagement at the Museum. Through programming, the CGM creates opportunities for all students—from all backgrounds and academic majors—to encounter and explore the Met's collection in new ways.

CGM invited college students to spend an evening in Egypt celebrating the special exhibition Ancient Egypt Transformed: The Middle Kingdom (October 12, 2015 - January 24, 2016). Which fascinate me in many ways, I always have admire ancient Egyptian cultures, Cleopatra and Pharaoh, yaass!Thematic groupings of artifacts from domestic settings, tombs, and temples reveal the breadth of artistic expression, evolution of styles, and the transformation of many aspects of Egyptian culture and religion. The exhibition is made possible by Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman. Additional support is provided by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Diane Carol Brandt, and The Daniel P. Davison Fund. It is supported by an indemnity from the Federal Council on the Arts and the Humanities. Too bad I didn't take a lot of pictures because I was beyond enjoying the beauty of the Middle East Kingdom.

Anyway, I also attended Black Student Union Fashion Show, one of FIT clubs last week. I bought the dress from one of the designers that showcased her collection, her name is Tiahna Gerrero. It was love at first sight. I said to my friend, River, who was sitting next to me, "I'm getting that dress". And last night, I wore it at the MET :) yeay #FashionBusinessManagementStudent Why start later if you can do it now? #BuyerLife hahaha

Dress Tiahna Gerrero  |  Clutch Saravine & Co.  |  Heels Charles & Keith

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